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Speaking Engagements

Are you looking for an engaging and knowledgeable speaker to inspire your audience about the latest in innovation, AI, and new technologies? Look no further. I am Seb Burrell, a Strategic Innovation Consultant at Trustmarque with extensive experience in driving forward critical client engagements and developing cutting-edge AI solutions.

Why Book Me?

With over a decade of experience in the technology sector, I bring a wealth of knowledge and a passion for transformative technologies. My roles at Trustmarque and other leading firms have honed my ability to deliver compelling presentations that not only inform but also inspire action.

Key Topics I Cover

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI): Understanding AI trends and how businesses can leverage AI for strategic advantage.
  • Innovation in Technology: Exploring future technology trends and their potential impact on various industries.
  • Modern Workplace Solutions: Strategies for creating efficient, flexible, and scalable workplace environments.
  • Cloud Solutions and Office/Microsoft 365: Insights into maximizing the potential of cloud platforms and productivity tools.

Speaking Engagements

Past Engagements Include

  • Leading the strategic delivery of innovative AI solutions at Trustmarque.
  • Developing AI go-to-market offerings and aligning them with market trends.
  • Guiding cross-functional teams in refining internal intellectual property for enhanced market positioning.
  • Delivering engaging demonstrations of Modern Workplace tools to diverse audiences.
  • Providing strategic guidance on transitioning to Office 365 and implementing automation strategies.

What You Can Expect

  • Insightful Content: Deep dives into the latest technology trends and actionable insights.
  • Engaging Delivery: Interactive presentations designed to captivate and motivate your audience.
  • Tailored Approach: Customized sessions that align with your event's goals and audience interests.

Contact Me

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